• Day: 2012-05-07

In this seminar, we will discuss the Scrum agile development methodology, together with the agile and lean principles that should be applied through the development process. We will start with the a brief discussion of the main problems in traditional software development, which push the need for a more agile approach, summarized by the four agile principles and twelve values. After that, we will give an introductory view of the Scrum methodology, discussing the roles, meetings and artefacts involved in the methodology. We will focus more on the Scrum Master and the Team Member roles. The discussion will continue with the analysis of the lean principles that should be applied in the organization in order to ensure better quality and satisfaction, and how they relate with the Scrum methodology. In addition, we will analyse the queues that slow down the development process and methods for removing them. In the last part of the seminar we will discuss two frameworks for scaling the Scrum methodology with a large number of teams.

The seminar consists of two parts: in the first one we will discuss the big picture of Scrum, while in the second one we will focus on the lean principles and on methods for scaling Scrum.