• Units: VC
  • Day: 2016-06-09

Some research results developed by VC Lab in the framework of the EC FET project “Harvest4D” (https://harvest4d.org/) are presented in a short documentary produced by Euronews television (http://www.euronews.com/2016/06/06/creating-3d-models-with-your-mobile-phone/). In the video (minute 2:57) Paolo Cignoni explains the main results in the detection and visualization of temporal changes in 3D data, especially in the monitoring of an archeological excavation using multiple 3D reconstruction from a set of photos. The other contributions developed in the project by the VC Lab are related to the robust registration of 3D shapes, web visualization of huge 3D model and approximation of the surface appearance of a 3D object for realistic rendering. The video will be broadcasted on Euronews channel from 7th to 12th June, 2016.