Signals and Images (SI)

Head: Davide Moroni


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SI (Signals & Images) is a Lab working in the fields of signal processing, image understanding, and artificial vision.

The Lab was born on the consideration that sensorial information is increasing its importance in both our daily life and the most advanced technological and scientific contexts. In particular, visual and audio information is becoming the most significant part of the global data to be processed, understood and manipulated.

The general goal of the Lab is to increase the knowledge in the fields of signal processing, image understanding, and artificial vision, in both theoretical and applicative contexts. This goal will be achieved by studying and developing models, computer-based methods, intelligent systems and machines for the formation, elaboration, analysis, and recognition of images and signals, and by applying these methods and techniques to several sectors of the public and private society having strategic, scientific and technological interests.

Among the broad spectrum of methods and technologies, current core research topics include:

  • Computer vision
  • Artificial intelligence & intelligent systems
  • Statistical signal processing
  • Topological data analysis
  • Human-computer interaction

Theoretical advances allow addressing strategical application domains, such as biomedical image and signal processing, radiomics, computational biology, assistive technologies, cultural heritage, smart cameras and embedded systems, industry 4.0, remote sensing and Earth observation, edutainment, intelligent and sustainable buildings.

The SI Lab aims to develop its activities dynamically, becoming part of the national and international networks in the field of computer vision and pattern recognition. Particular attention will be paid to the most advanced research programs and high-level education programs, to the creation of new channels of technical-scientific and industrial cooperation, and possibly to the promotion of spin-off initiatives.



Davide Moroni has been appointed as chair of the Technical Committee on "Algebraic and Discrete Mathematical Techniques in Pattern Recognition & Image Analysis" of the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR)



The International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR) is an international association of non-profit, scientific and professional organizations concerned with pattern recognition,...

Ercan E. Kuruoglu (Isti-Cnr Senior Researcher) has been reelected to EURASIP (European Association for Signal Processing) Special Area Team for Biomedical Image and Signal Analytics



EURASIP is the biggest Signal Processing/Data Analysis professional organisation in Europe. It has eight Special Area Teams on critical areas of Signal Processing. BISA SAT covers a br...

BeWize initiative ranked 2nd at Start Cup Toscana 2018



Start Cup Toscana 2018 (, a contest among entrepreneurial ideas sprouting from regional research activities was held on October 30 at the Auditorium of Sa...

E. Salerno Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Image Processing



ISTI SI-Lab member Emanuele Salerno has been elected associate editor of the journal IEEE Transactions on Image Processing for the term 1 June 2018 - 1 June 2021.

Eleven innovations developed in European Projects with ISTI Partner or Coordinator among the List of the EC Innovation Radar



The Innovation Radar (IR) is a new initiative of the European Commission that focuses on the identification of high-potential innovations in the ICT FP7, CIP and H2020 projects and the ...

ELETTRONICA ALLA SPINA 06 - The future begins with a break from the past


2017-12-14 h.21:00

Gli incontri di Elettronica Alla Spina, manifestazione promossa dall’associazione universitaria New Grass / EAS giunta alla sua sesta edizione, ruotano attorno ad invenzioni e in...

Final Conference of the e-Rés@mont project


2017-12-07 h.09:30

Mountain Medicine and Telemedicine: innovative health care for the mountain. On December 7th, 2017, at the Mont Blanc Hall of the Congress Center of Courmayeur (AO), will take place the...

Ercan E. Kuruoglu has been invited to Entropy 2018: From Physics to Information Sciences and Geometry (14–16 May 2018, Barcelona)



Ercan E. Kuruoglu has been invited as plenary speaker to present his work on studying genomic processes in the framework of information theory: "In Search of the Optimal Genetic Code".

Best Paper Award - SIGNAL 2017



The paper "A Low Cost Technology-based Device for Breath Analysis and Self-monitoring" by Danila Germanese, Mario D'Acunto, Massimo Magrini, Marco Righi, Ovidio Salvetti has been awa...

The experience on computer music of Pietro Grossi in Pisa, Italy, in the centenary of his birth



Leonello Tarabella (SI Lab, ISTI-CNR) has been invited to give a seminar at Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) Barcelona, Spain, May 18th, 2017.

What does Information Theory have to say about Evolution?



Ercan Kuruoglu (SI Lab, ISTI-CNR) has been invited to be keynote speaker at the 25th Signal Procesing and Communications Applications Conference, 15-18 May 2017 (SIU 2017, Antalya Turkey.

Evento conclusivo del Progetto SEMI


2017-02-28 h.16:00

Il 28 febbraio 2017, nei locali della Fondazione MAIC di Pistoia, si terrà la presentazione del progetto SEMI, Sistema Espressivo Multicanale Interattivo, sviluppato dal Laboratorio Se...

A Scientific view on emerging self-monitoring technologies for disease prevention


2017-01-20 h.09:00

Interested in new technologies for taking care of your wellness? Professional of the health and well-being sector? Take part in the final event of the European project SEMEOTICONS, tak...

Il SI-Lab su TVL



Il canale televisivo TVL ha trasmesso un servizio sul Progetto SEMI - Sistema Espressivo Multicanale Interattivo, realizzato dal Laboratorio Segnali e Immagini dell'ISTI. Il progetto,...

High school students and smart mobility research: #mobiwith_it



Ten students from the ITC Pacinotti and Liceo Buonarroti high schools worked together with IIT and ISTI researchers to promote a dissemination and recruitment campaign in the ambit of t...

Top 40 Healthcare Transformers 2016



Sara Colantonio (SI Lab) is one of the Top 40 Healthcare Transformers for 2016 dal Medical Marketing & Media magazine

Smart Area di Pisa



Al Cnr di Pisa si lavora alacremente per rendere “smart” tutta l’Area della ricerca, la più grande d’Italia. Il 30 novembre 2015 sono state presentate le...

AITA 2015 - Advanced Infrared Technology and Applications



The main objectives are to assess the state of the art of the technology in the Infrared bands and to present its most interesting applications.

Salute: "Specchio magico" ci dice se siamo malati, presto in tutte le case (Adnkronos)



(dalla Rassegna Stampa Cnr sul Progetto Semeoticons)

Nature-Inspired Computation by Mario D'Acunto, Nova Science Publisher



The book provides an introductory tour of the most popular nature inspired computational strategies. The book is subdivided in two parts, briefly describing the inspiration and motiva...

Comunicazione e Tecnologie per i Beni Culturali: una sinergia vincente



Il giorno 20 febbraio 2015 a Catanzaro presso l’Auditorium Casalinuovo si terrà l'evento dal titolo “Comunicazione e Tecnologie per i Beni Culturali: una sinergia vincente”, promosso d...

Almanacco della Scienza CNR - N.1/2015 cita il premiato documentario del Progetto Thesaurus



Nell'articolo 'L'arte di raccontare la Scienza' pubblicato sul numero di gennaio dell'Almanacco della Scienza Cnr è stato riportato il premio assegnato al documentario "Progetto Thesau...

Un robot a caccia di relitti



Il documentario, "Progetto Thesaurus, un robot a caccia di relitti", realizzato nel 2014 a cura di Walter Daviddi, ha ottenuto la menzione speciale del Gran Premio giuria studenti al Rome...

Documentario conclusivo del progetto Thesaurus selezionato per il concorso Rome Docscient Festival 2014



Il Laboratorio Segnali e Immagini è lieto di annunciare che il documentario conclusivo del progetto Thesaurus (TecnicHe di Esplorazione Sottomarina Archeologica mediante l'Utilizzo di ...

Avvio campagna di acquisizione dati per il Progetto Europeo SEMEOTICONS.



E' iniziata nei locali dell'ISTI, di Fisiologia Clinica e dell'Area della Ricerca la campagna di acquisizione dati per l'attività sperimentale del Progetto Europeo SEMEOTICONS. Sono in...

International Workshop on Computational Intelligence for Multimedia Understanding - Paris, 1-2 November 2014 - CALL FOR PAPERS



Motivation Multimedia understanding is an important part of many intelligent applications in our social life, be it in our households, or in commercial, industrial, service, and scienti...

EU funds research on the “Wize Mirror” to help people staying healthy



According to medical semeiotics, human face is a precious discloser of key information about the healthy or unhealthy status of individuals. The central idea in SEMEOTICONS, which stan...

Paolo Paradisi is now an Associate Editor of "Chaos, Solitons & Fractals" Journal



Paolo Paradisi has been invited to join the Editorial Board of the international peer-reviewed journal Chaos, Solitons and Fractals - The interdisciplinary journal of Nonlinear Scienc...

MUSCLE International Workshop on Computational Intelligence for Multimedia Understanding



Pisa, Italy, 13-15 December 2011 Paper submission: 31 July, 2011

M. Chimenti, E. Fantini and M. Tampucci are the recipients of the best paper award of Mass Data Analysis conference.



The automatic analysis of images and signals in medicine, biotechnology, chemistry and biometry is a challenging and demanding field. Signal-producing procedures by microscopes, spect...

Ercan Engin Kuruoglu has been named Editor-in-Chief for "Digital Signal Processing: a Review Journal"



Digital Signal Processing illuminates and explores the path of creativity in the field of signal processing. DSP, which has a high impact factor, is One of the oldest journals insignal p...