High Performance Computing (HPC)

Head: Raffaele Perego


Web Site: http://hpc.isti.cnr.it

HPC Lab carries out research on algorithms and information systems dealing with computational, data-intensive problems in business, social, and knowledge-based applications. HPC Lab research areas include information indexing and retrieval, large-scale distributed and cloud systems, big data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, mobility analysis and semantic enrichment.

We develop state-of-the-art solutions for the efficient management and retrieval of large amount of data. Our (distributed) information systems scale far larger than most others and can provide in near real-time effective answers to complex queries by possibly using a limited amount of computational resources. We study space/time-efficient solutions to deal with scale and latency constraints, and quality/efficiency trade-offs exploiting the peculiarities of the specific application domain.

The group is composed of about 20 people and has very close collaborations and exchanges with outstanding international partners from both industry and academia.



1st Workshop on Generative AI for Mobility Data (GenAI4MoDA)


2024-03-19 h.11:03

Generative AI, a subset within the realm of artificial intelligence, has undergone significant progress in recent years. This progress empowers machines to craft, imitate, and produce con...

Best Paper Honorable Mention at ACM SIGIR 2023 Conference


2023-08-23 h.13:23

Link: https://sigir.org/sigir2023/program/best-paper-award/ The paper "A Geometric Framework for Query Performance Prediction in Conversational Search" by Guglielmo Faggioli, Nicola Ferr...

EFRA (Extreme Food Risk Analytics)


2023-02-20 h.14:00

A new EU project to transform food risk prediction with AI-powered analytics.

Patrizio Dazzi, Cnr-Isti, speaker at the H-Cloud summit. Cloud Expo Europe



Horizon Cloud is a European Commission initiative that aims to consolidate and grow the Cloud Computing research and innovation community in Europe. (read more)

Eleven innovations developed in European Projects with ISTI Partner or Coordinator among the List of the EC Innovation Radar



The Innovation Radar (IR) is a new initiative of the European Commission that focuses on the identification of high-potential innovations in the ICT FP7, CIP and H2020 projects and the ...

Test of Time Award for the Paper "Sorting out the Document Identifier Assignment Problem" by Fabrizio Silvestri



The paper authored by Fabrizio Silvestri (HPC Lab) has been awarded at the European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR 2018), 26-29 March 2018 - Grenoble, France. The Test of T...

Best Student Paper Award - ACM DocEng 2016



The paper "SEL: A Unified Algorithm for Entity Linking and Saliency Detection" by Salvatore Trani, Diego Ceccarelli, Claudio Lucchese, Salvatore Orlando, and Raffaele Perego has been ...

A Digital Agent to Manage Your Travel



TripBuilder, a prototype by the Researchers at Federal University of Ceará (UFC) in Brazil and the HPC Lab of the Institute of Information Science and Technologies (ISTI) of the Italia...

ACM SIGIR Best Paper Award 2015



C. Lucchese, F. M. Nardini, S. Orlando, R. Perego, N. Tonellotto, and R. Venturini (High Performance Computing Laboratory - ISTI) are the recipients of the SIGIR Best Paper Award 2015.

SIGIR Best Paper Award 2014



Giuseppe Ottaviano and Rossano Venturini (High Performance Computing Laboratory - ISTI) are the recipients of the SIGIR Best Paper Award 2014.

Computing Reviews' Notable Books and Articles 2013



"Discovering tasks from search engine query logs" by Lucchese, C.; Orlando, S.; Perego, R.; Silvestri, F.; and Tolomei, G.(HPC Lab of ISTI) has been selected as a notable article in compu...

ISTI-CNR partner tecnico di istella.it, il nuovo motore di ricerca di Tiscali



Il CNR con il laboratorio High Performance Computing di ISTI, l'Università di Pisa, Internet Memory Research Foundation, Dell e HERE, il brand di location cloud di Nokia, sono i partne...